Propertyware Management Software for Owners

Owners Have Instant Access

Propertyware gives owners the same visibility that they’ve come to expect for tracking their stock portfolios. Propertyware Owner Portals provide secure, instant access to investment property performance. Owners will enjoy the benefits of real-time visibility, giving owners the peace of mind knowing they chose the right management company to take care of their investment.


Conversation Tracking

Owner Portals allow owners to communicate with our management staff from one centralized location that’s available to them from any web browser or Internet enabled smart phone. Owners and management staff will automatically be notified via email when new comments are added to a conversation stream. More importantly, all these conversations are automatically stored on the owner’s portfolio in Propertyware for future reference.

Offer Real-Time Visibility

Owners have the visibility into the performance of their investment properties by allowing them to view real-time reports from their Owner Portal. Any report in Propertyware can be published into the Owner Portal where owners can view them on-demand! Owners can even choose their preferred statement format and see it published online each time we share it with them.

RPM of Maryland offers investors a suite of services:

HUD Assistance Rental Properties

RPM of Maryland has over 15 years of experience in renting, managing and maintaining HUD assisted rental properties throughout the Baltimore metropolitan region including Section 8, MBQ, and HUD Homes.

Tenant Placement

RPM of Maryland places responsible tenants in recently rehabbed properties with a 3 year lease. A successful team dedicated to locating prospective tenants is at your disposal. We have created a well-trained tenant division that consists of a marketing specialist, HUD relations expert, tenant relations assistant and contract and leasing experts.

Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping your tenants satisfied is our number one priority. A well maintained property is essential in keeping tenants happy and turnover rates low. We accomplish this with:
  • A 24 hour, professional and courteous administrative staff that answers all complaints and repair orders
  • A 24 hour, maintenance division well trained in electrical, carpentry, masonry and plumbing
  • Access to sub-contractors that are reliable and efficient with reasonable rates

Evictions & Judgment

If there are unrepairable tenant problems, RPM of Maryland provides all of the legal resources required for eviction proceedings and financial judgments to capture all of your outstanding balances and liabilities.